Magazine UNO35: A new leadership


Technology, the uncertainty of our time, and of course, COVID-19, are significant changes in principles, habits and collective behavioural forms that require a new model of economic, political and social leadership.

This is the central theme that we address in our magazine UNO35, with speakers of a new leadership from 10 countries around the world. In particular, Ramón Jáuregui, Presidente of the Fundación Euroamérica, senior executive of diverse sectors and Antonio Garamendi, president of the Confederation of Employers and Industries of Spain, interviewed by Jose Antonio Llorente. This expert opinion unites the views of six prominent young people, selected in the report of the analysis of big data and the leadership “Future Leaders”, elaborated by LLYC along with Trivu.

We encourage you to enjoy reading this edition of UNO, in the new format, and share your vision of a new leadership with us.