Webinar: “#stayhuman, let’s maintain our leadership while showing our more human side”


Sorry, this webinar is only available in European Spanish.

This crisis has allowed us to see the more human side of many organizations as they look after their people, clients and society in general more than ever before. But now, as they return to business and the pulse of the market fills their agendas again, will they continue to demonstrate the humanity we see in them today? Will they know how to maintain that commitment?

David González Natal, Partner and Senior Director in the Consumer Engagement Area of LLYC, presents #stayhuman in this webinar alongside César Hernández, Marketing CEO at Mahou San Miguel; Toni Segarra, Creative Director and Co-founder of Alegre Roca; Cristina Santamarina, Sociologist and Founding Member of CIMOP; and professionals from Picnic and DDB. This initiative is based on the challenges and opportunities involved in keeping the human side of organizations alive during the transition to the new normal.